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The 7th China cultural festival in guangzhou grand launch of hotel

Date: 2018-04-13

On April 11, 2018, "the seventh festival opened in guangzhou China hotel, the hotel food and beverage industry leader, brand rookie, industrial chain institutions, experts and scholars at home and abroad more than one thousand five hundred delegates gathered, jointly explore new era hotel industry momentum in the development of high quality culture.

The activities supported by guangzhou trade commission, the China hotel association, guangzhou lingnan international enterprise group co., LTD.Activities to "a new era, high quality, new" as the theme, based on the cultural guide, focus on innovative culture, brand culture, green culture, lingnan culture, guide the mining industry in the development of high quality new kinetic energy, the new opportunity. President of the China hotel association, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, she first pointed out that in 2018 the national quality in the hotel industry development will be reflected in three aspects: one is the scale will continue to expand, accommodation catering industry revenue will be close to five trillion, the restaurant industry will reach 4.4 trillion, continue to maintain the 10% growth rate;Secondly, the structure will be further optimized, lodging industry toward a boutique hotel, green hotel, star hotel, lifestyle hotel, hotel, apartment, home son, pension, health, and diversified development of new forms such as rv;Characteristics of food industry in food and beverage, food and beverage retail, supply chain, brand incubation, item detonation products, green low carbon, take-away, old inheritance development etc to be delivered to the outside will have new breakthrough.Three big data is industry, intelligent, "Internet +" application would obviously accelerated, capacity, efficiency continue to advantage enterprises focus, industry concentration, further enhance enterprise green President stressed that 2018 will comprehensively implement the 19 big spirit, in order to deepen the reform of the supply side structural as the main line, insist on quality first, efficiency first, actively promote green development, actively promote the new accommodation catering innovation and development, to strengthen the construction of the quality of hotel food and beverage industry brand, actively promote cultural lead level, actively promote industry integration development, and actively promote the talent industry optimization action these six aspects to speed up the pace of high quality in the hotel industry development.Office of special researcher of the state council, the famous economist yao jingyuan economic situation after the two new trend has carried on the detailed explanation, shows the new trend of deepening the reform of the supply side structural.