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xindebeierscore:5.0 / 52022-10-02
Very cost-effective. There is a Japanese restaurant next to the hotel. It's very in the end. The female boss is very beautiful!
scott3166score:5.0 / 52022-10-01
The overall feeling is not bad, breakfast is a little expensive, suitable for business short-term long stay! better location for business trip!
rbianxuscore:5.0 / 52022-09-30
The hotel is near the Japanese Consulate where he has to work. There is a direct bus from the airport to the hotel. The transportation is convenient, the room is clean, the supporting supplies are complete, and the staff are enthusiastic. High cost performance, good surroundings, convenient shopping and rich breakfast. I'll consider checking in next time. The friendship store is nearby.
jefflawscore:4.3 / 52022-09-30
Not bad. Breakfast was bad
dongyunyingscore:3.8 / 52022-09-29
The air conditioner is aging
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